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PTFE pan – how to get the egg out of the pan

We welcome you to our large PTFE pan test and guide. We will show you all the PTFE pans we have taken a closer look at. Besides background information we have also summarized customer recessions.

To make it easier for you to make a decision with a purchase recommendation, we have tried to find the best products.

We have also compiled a PTFE pan guide. If available, we also show you videos or test reports. We also show you important information that you should consider before buying a PTFE pan.

These are our PTFE pan recommendations

1st place: Pan with PTFE layer from Amazon Basics

This product is a wok pan. It is therefore ideal for preparing poultry and vegetables. It has a diameter of 28 cm and is therefore suitable for almost any type of stove.

Due to the two-layer coating, the product is of high quality. Your food hangs less often or not at all. You have the possibility to use the container in the oven at up to 175 degrees.

Can I use this pan also for an electric stove?

Yes, you can also use this pan for an electric stove.

2nd place: Tefal frying pan with non-stick coating

This pan is offered in the colors blue and pink. It has a diameter of 24 and 28 cm. Like most pans from Tefal, this one also has a practical thermospot which informs you about the optimal frying temperature of the dishes.

The manufacturer recommends this pan not only for frying, but also for serving. An advantage of the product is that the handle of the item remains permanently cold. This prevents your fingers from getting burned.

What material is the handle made of?

The handle is made of hard plastic.

3rd place: Pan made of cast aluminium by Rosmarino

You can choose this pan with a diameter of 20 or 24 cm. Thanks to the PTFE layer in the pan, you can even prepare your meals without fat. This is possible on all types of stoves.

Thanks to the practical plastic handle, you benefit from the fact that you can use your pan even at higher heat without a potholder. In addition, the product heats up quickly due to the cast aluminum material. If you clean this dish, it is very easy with a soft cloth and hot water.

Can I use the pan in the oven?

Yes, but only at low temperatures of up to 150 – 160 degrees.

4th place: Frying pan Circulon Premium

This pan is available as a set or as a single item. If you buy this dish individually, you can choose between a pan with a diameter of 20, 24 or 30 cm. Due to the smooth non-stick layer, fat-free frying is possible with every type of pan.

The manufacturer recommends this product on all types of stoves. When used, it distributes the heat evenly so that your meals cook faster and taste better. After use, you can easily clean the item with a damp cloth.

How high is the edge of the dish?

This depends on the size of the pan. It can be between six and eight centimeters.

Place 5: Frying pan from Kuhn Rikon

KUHN RIKON Bratpfannen, 16 cm*
KUHN RIKON Bratpfannen, 16 cm
Price: € 23.90 Prime
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You have the possibility to buy this pan in eight sizes. So you will find the optimal dishes for your stove. Since the pans are made of aluminum, they are light and handy, which also makes them easy to use.

Due to the non-stick coating you have the possibility to prepare meals with little fat. You also benefit from the fact that the pan can be cleaned without scrubbing. Also practical is the plastic handle, which allows easy handling.

Can I use this pan for induction stoves?

No, according to the information provided by a buyer, this is not possible.

The most important compact

  • PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene and is also called Teflon in colloquial language.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene is a particularly resistant material that prevents food from sticking during frying.
  • PTFE utensils have a long service life if cared for properly. However, if you do not care for them properly, they usually break quickly.

What you need to know about PTFE pans

What is a PTFE pan?

PTFE pans (Teflon pans) have a non-stick layer made of the plastic polytetrafluoroethylene. This material has numerous advantages, which is why it is frequently used in private households. Even though PTFE is sensitive to sharp utensils and strong cleaning agents, it has a good non-stick effect. Even foods such as eggs or pancakes rarely stick with little oil or fat. Some people even use pans with a PTFE coating without any fats or oils at all. Compared to most other coating materials, PTFE also has the advantage of being inexpensive.

When using PTFE pans you should be careful not to expose them to high temperatures. Otherwise the coating may come off. At even higher temperatures, toxic fumes may even be produced. Therefore you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to them

Where do I buy a PTFE pan?

PTFE pans are available in stores that sell household goods. These include Karstadt, Tchibo and also Galeria Kaufhof. You can also have a look around in a larger supermarket, where the selection of pans is usually good. If you want to buy a certain article, you can also look around directly at the manufacturer. If you are still undecided, we recommend buying a pan on the Internet. You can find good and inexpensive PTFE pans in online stores like eBay or Amazon. But also at Otto you have a wide selection.

How expensive are PTFE pans?

You can buy a PTFE pan even for a small budget. That is why many people choose these pans as initial equipment for their own household. A PTFE pan with a diameter of 28 cm can be bought for as little as 12 euros. On average, however, you should expect to pay between 20 and 30 Euros. Larger dishes cost about 10 to 20 euros more. Note that there are also Teflon pans which are much more expensive. The PTFE pans of well-known brands can even cost up to 100 Euro.

Did you know that buying a set of pans can help you save money?

Most of the time, buying a set is cheaper than buying dishes individually. If you want to buy a completely new set and are looking for the right pans, we recommend buying a set.

From which manufacturers are PTFE pans available?

You will find PTFE pans often from Tefal. But also from other well-known manufacturers like WMF, Roesle, Tim Mälzer, Beka, Fissler, Silit and King you can buy corresponding products. When choosing a pan, you should not focus too much on one particular brand. There are also excellent pans with PTFE coating from less well-known manufacturers. We therefore recommend that you read the reviews of a product before you buy it. You might find a better or equivalent product for the same price in the shops.

Purchase recommendation: How do you find the right PTFE pan?

PTFE pans are made of different materials. Therefore, some of them have different properties that you should know about. This is the only way to find a product that fits your ideas. Most often you will find PTFE pans made of cast aluminium or stainless steel on the market. We introduce both variants to you below, so that you can get an idea about them.

PTFE pan 1

What is a cast aluminum PTFE pan and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

You will find many cast aluminum PTFE pans on the market. A special feature of cast aluminum Teflon pans is their good thermal conductivity. Furthermore, these pans are known for their excellent heat distribution. If you are looking for a dish that retains heat for a long time, choose one made of cast aluminum. Thus, cast aluminum pans are also very suitable for serving or keeping warm. Thanks to the PTFE layer, you also need less oil and fat when cooking and can therefore prepare even more health-conscious meals. You can also be happy about an easy and quick cleaning of your pan, as food residues rarely stick to it, even if they have been in the dishes for a long time. Please note, however, that cast aluminium pans have a slightly higher initial cost than stainless steel dishes with a PTFE coating.


  • Good thermal conductivity and distribution
  • Long heat storage
  • Ideal for serving and cooking
  • Little fat required in the preparation of meals
  • Food rarely sticks to
  • Easy cleaning


  • Partly high acquisition costs

What is a stainless steel PTFE pan and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

PTFE pans made of stainless steel are even easier to clean than those made of cast aluminium. Therefore they are also suitable for inexperienced hobby cooks. In addition, stainless steel is a particularly robust material that has a long service life. Despite all these advantages, you can buy stainless steel pans at relatively low prices, so they are also suitable for you if you have little money. If you want to cook or brown gently, use an inexpensive stainless steel product. In comparison to cast aluminum dishes, those made of stainless steel have a lower thermal conductivity. Therefore you often need more energy and have longer cooking processes when using the dishes.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Reasonable price
  • Robust material
  • Longer service life
  • Good for gentle browning or cooking


  • Thermal conductivity worse than with aluminum casting
  • Higher energy consumption

How to compare PTFE pans

It can be difficult to find a suitable product if you are unsure what to look for when buying. For this reason we have compiled the most important criteria for buying PTFE pans. This gives you an overview of the most important aspects of pans with a PTFE coating. Here is an overview of the most important purchase criteria for Teflon pans:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Functions

These three criteria represent the most important aspects of the purchase. If you wish, you can also look at other points such as accessories or warranty period. These also play an important role for many people.


Pans with a PTFE layer are available in a wide variety of materials. Depending on the material, the weight and cleaning method of the pans can vary. Stainless steel products are particularly easy to clean. If you are looking for an energy-saving material, choose a pan made of cast aluminum. This has a good heat conductivity. PTFE pans made of copper, cast iron and cromargan are less common.


PTFE pans are available in various sizes from well-known manufacturers. Mostly you will find the pans with a diameter of 16 to 32 cm. Most often you get pans with a radius of 26, 28 and 24 cm. Note that there are not only round PTFE pans on the market, but also square and oval dishes. Therefore, think about what kind of food you want to use your pan for. An oval product is ideal for fish, while you should use a rectangular pan for steaks. Fried potatoes or omelettes work well in round dishes. Also remember that the size of your pan should match the diameter of your hotplates. This way, you don’t waste energy and benefit from an even frying result of your meals.


You will find pans with a PTFE layer often with a removable handle. This gives you the possibility to use your dishes even at low temperatures in the oven. This allows you to cook gently or even keep your meals warm. In addition, a pan with a removable handle is easier to store, so that even large dishes are suitable for you if you only have a small kitchen. Tefal often offers Teflon pans with a thermospot. This spot shows you when the dishes have cooled down or have reached the maximum temperature.

More about PTFE pans

As we have already told you, Teflon has the ability to prevent food from sticking in the pan. Therefore the question is obvious, how the material itself finds a hold in the pan. The fact that PTFE is in a pan is related to the primer. Before the PTFE is applied to the pan, the pan is roughened. A primer (adhesion promoter) is then applied, which provides an adhesive base for PTFE after curing. This ensures that the layer is optimally retained in the cup.