Flexi leash for the dog – Find your suitable roll leash

The Flexi leash has a great advantage. Walking the dog in the city or park is more relaxed. Because the dog has enough room to run far and can still be kept short.

The Flexi leash is much more handy than a towing line or other variants. Even if the Flexi leash has burned itself into our heads by the brand name “Flexi”, it is usually called a roll leash. We have looked at many more closely and compared opinions and would like to introduce you to 5 different types of Flexi leash or roll-up leash.

These are the 5 best Flexi lines

To the point

  • Different species for different dog breeds
  • Free space for dog despite leash
  • Different lengths and sizes available

Advisor Flexi leash – What you should consider when buying

What is a Flexi Leash?

You can also find a Flexi leash under the term roll leash. Inside the line there is a spool that is equipped with a spring. This is located in a housing that has a handle on it. On this handle you can also find the winding mechanism.

The springs inside the spool make sure that you can wind and unwind the line. In this way you can ensure that the leash has a slight pull when your dog is in motion. This mechanism has the advantage that you can always influence the movement of your four-legged friend. In addition, by deactivating the spring mechanism, you can ensure that your dog runs at a certain distance from you.

Even if you and your dog are already a well-rehearsed team, a Flexi leash is always a piece of security.

You should not use such a flexi-leash on a puppy yet. Since you can train the lead better with a conventional leash, a Flexi leash is not yet suitable for training. Once your dog is used to walking on a leash, you can buy a Flexi leash and use it. Once you have decided on a Flexi leash, you can start looking for a suitable store. Here you have the possibility to use an online store or visit a classic pet supply store.

Depending on where you decide to buy, you can find different prices. Of course the design, the length and the material also play a role. Usually you can expect a price between 7,00 Euro and 55,00 Euro. Surely you will also find designer flexi-linen or models with special ornaments, which you can find in the three-digit price range.

How do I use a Flexi leash?

Since Flexi leashes are available in various lengths, you should pay attention to the liveliness of your dog. You can get these leashes in the following lengths:

  • 8 meters
  • 3 meters
  • 5 meters
  • 10 meters

The longer the leash is, the more space your quadruped gets to move safely in a larger radius. However, with a longer model you may feel that you have less control.

If you have more than one dog at home, you can also buy a double leash. This will help you when your dogs are walking in different directions. With a double leash you get a leash that has two anchors. In order to use a double line, your dogs should have the same weight and almost the same temperament.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Flexi leash?

A Flexi leash can offer you many advantages but also disadvantages. So before you buy such a leash, you should take a closer look at the aspects. This will help you find the optimal Flexi leash for you and especially for your quadruped.


  • Freedom of movement despite leash
  • Independent winding and unwinding of the line
  • Suitable for large and small dogs
  • Effect possible despite more freedom of movement
  • Simple handling


  • Depending on the model hard to recognize rope
  • Always train available

Are there alternatives to Flexi leash?

You can find some alternatives if you do not want to use Flexi leash. You can choose between these types as alternatives:

  • Rescue leash
  • Towing line
  • Leading line

The types have different areas of application. This way your dog can move freely on a towing line and you can still keep control. The leash itself is not on tension, but drags on the ground during the walk.

If you are looking for an everyday leash, the lead leash is ideal. With this you can guide your dog in a targeted manner. This means that this type of leash is very suitable for training your dog to walk on the leash.

The last type of leash is the rescue leash. This type is mainly used by hunters. The dog can move freely on the leash using a tong hook.

Questions and answers about a Flexi leash

What types of Flexi leash are available?

You can choose between two types of Flexi leash when buying a Flexi leash. One is the leash with belt and the other is the leash with rope.

Is it possible to repair the leash?

Of course it is possible that the spring of the leash will break or that the leash will not be able to be rolled up or unrolled. You can repair the leash yourself, but you will need some craftsmanship. In the following video you will learn how to replace a tension spring on the Flexi line:

Can you disassemble a Flexi line?

To disassemble a Flexi line, you need some tools and some skill.

How do you have to clean a Flexi Line?

Since this line is always on tension, it cannot drag on the ground. This means that it cannot get dirty, as is the case with other models. However, it can happen that you also have to clean a Flexi-leash. Since you should walk your dog in all weather conditions, the leash can get wet. To dry the leash you should unroll the rope or strap completely and lock the stop button. Then let the strap or rope dry overnight.

If it is very dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clean the rope or belt. However, the situation is different if your dog has been playing with the leash and it has bitten. In this case you should use a new Flexi leash and not try to repair it.

Are there accessories for Flexi leashes?

There are many accessories for Flexi leashes. Some are useful and others are gimmicks:

  • Utensil bag
  • LED Lamp
  • food box
  • Storage for manure bags

What points should you consider when buying?

Before you buy a Flexi leash, you should consider the following points:

  • Size of your dog
  • Weight of your dog
  • Safety of the leash
  • Stability of the line