Cat harness test – for the vacation or at home

A cat harness sounds at first sight as stupid. But if you live for example in a big city or if you want to go on a longer vacation, you should think about buying a cat harness.

Your cat is safe in the cat harness and you can enjoy the landscapes with him. With a suitable leash he can run around and follow his natural instincts. I have selected the best varieties of cat harnesses for you, so that you can find the right product.

These are the best cat harnesses – Our recommendations

To the point

  • The cat should feel comfortable
  • Outlet possibility with safety control
  • Patience and empathy necessary

What you should consider when buying

What is a cat harness?

There are some cats that need a certain amount of free running. However, not all cat owners are able to give their cats this free run. If you are one of those cat owners, a cat harness is a good way to give your cat a certain amount of freedom. In this way you can influence certain sources of danger. These can include the following:

  • Theft
  • Cars
  • Toxic plants
  • turf wars
  • Diseases
You can offer your cat run and support the urge to move without endangering your cat.

Basically a cat harness is designed to give your cat space without fear of the cat running away. So you can let your cat walk on the balcony and in your garden without him running away.

But in order to use such a cat harness, you should know where you can buy it. For this you can use the different online stores. I have also selected the best cat harnesses for you, which are optimal according to customer reviews. You can also look around in a pet shop. Here you can also use a personal consultation.

How do I use a cat harness?

You should consider that such a harness is uncomfortable for a cat at the beginning. You should also consider that it is very difficult for a cat to get used to wearing a harness.

The harness is placed around the chest of your cat and the belt is attached around the shoulder. This way you can make sure that there is no choking of the cat if there is some tension on the belt. Also the risk of injury is lower. You can easily decide how much space you want to give your cat.

But before you can use the cat harness, you should know how to put it on your cat. For this you should hold the harness on the existing bar. Then put the loop around the head of your cat. The larger loop is intended for the chest.

Get your cat used to the harness in time. This requires some practice and nerves.

After that you only have to close the harness. It is important that you check the fit so that the cat harness is secure. It is especially important that your cat does not feel any pain when wearing the harness.

But only buying and putting on the harness is not enough for a cat. You first have to get your cat used to wearing the harness. Because not every cat wants to be in the wild. That means you should find out if your cat is a outdoor cat or a pure domestic cat.

Before putting on the harness you should first show it to your cat. This way he can sniff the new garment and the harness can take on the smell of the cat. It is important that you reward your cat with small snacks.

As soon as your cat gets used to the dishes, you can try to get him used to the noises that such dishes make. This means the closing noises. Since cats have very good hearing, they can get frightened quickly if an unfamiliar noise comes up in their proximity.

After that you can start to put on your cat’s harness in small steps. You should be very careful and cautious when doing so. You should also be patient. If you are able to put on the harness completely, you should put on the harness in your house or apartment. Only when it is no problem for your cat to put on the harness and it becomes routine, you can start your first attempts outside.

Are there alternatives to the cat harness?

Instead of a cat harness you can also choose a cat collar or a GPS tracker. However, you have no control over your cat in either case. You cannot protect him from danger or influence his movements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cat harness?

If you decide to buy a cat harness, you can find different models. These are:

  • The soft harness
  • The strap harness
  • The customized tableware

Depending on the model and type, you can see different advantages and disadvantages. You should take a close look at these before you buy a harness for your cat.

The advantages and disadvantages of a soft harness


  • Different designs
  • Good wearing comfort
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stable
  • Quick creation possible
  • Secure
  • No adjustment necessary


  • Dress over the head of your cat
  • Not adjustable
  • D-rings available

The advantages and disadvantages of a belt harness


  • Affordable
  • Stepless
  • Stable
  • Flexible
  • Easy
  • Narrow
  • Open and close via click lock


  • Interception possible
  • Cutting of the belts possible
  • Customization
  • Heavy cleaning

The advantages and disadvantages of custom-made tableware


  • Two rings available for double line
  • Good fit
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Good wearing comfort
  • Personalization possible
  • Escape-proof


  • Long delivery time
  • High acquisition costs

Questions and answers about the cat harness

Which is better a cat harness or collar?

With a collar you should include a certain health risk. A cat can get stuck on branches or a fence and endanger its life. Also the attempt of the cat to take the collar off by itself can be dangerous.

No matter if you decide to use a cat harness or a collar. A cat is a wild animal and needs exercise.

What should you consider when buying?

Make sure that you buy a cat harness that really is a cat harness. In some cases you can get a dog harness instead of a cat harness.

Which design should you choose?

You can find a cat harness in many different colors and designs. Which one you choose is up to you and your personal taste.

Can you make a harness yourself?

Yes, you can also make your own cat harness. There are different instructions on the Internet which you can use.

What measurements should you take into account when buying?

Before buying you should measure your cat. It is especially important that you pay attention to the 1st chest measurement.