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Breaking Knifes test – These are the TOP 5

You would like to buy a breaker blade? We welcome you to our buying guide for breaker blades. We have compared and examined all the products listed below and others. On the Internet we have searched on various portals and summarized customer opinions. With our buying recommendations we want to give advice.
Our comparisons are based on various sources of information such as technical data, customer comments and ratings. If available, we have included Stiftung Wartentest, Öko Test or other test portals in our breaker blade comparison.

Buying tips: You should know that

    • breaker knife is not only suitable for butchers, but also for hunters.
    • At the end of the blade there is a blunt bullet that protects the inside of dead animals.

Place 1: OUTDOOR EDGE Uni Swing Blaze folding knife

This beautiful knife is equipped with an appropriate blade protection. So you can store and transport your knife without hurting yourself. Since this object is a folding knife, you can easily store it.

Because of its total length of 21.08 cm, this folding knife is especially useful. With a blade of 9.14 cm you can easily gut animals. The total weight of the knife is 201.6 grams, which means that it can be used over a longer period of time.

Place 2: Morakniv knife – Companion

You can choose this knife from one of the five main types. There is a blade guard and knife design in red, blue, orange, green and black. If you want, you can even use the engraving on the blade of the knife, as you can add it.

This break open knife is a steel blade product from Sandvik. The blade is made of durable Sandvik stainless steel. There is a clip on the edge of the blade that can be used to attach the breaker knife to the belt.

Place 3: Fiskars break open knife

Like many breakage knives, this product also contains a blade protection. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you can work with this knife with precision and length. It has a stainless steel blade for a long life.

Compared to other breaker knives, this product has a blade with an average length of ten centimetres. The total length of the knife is 22.5 cm. The weight of this article is only 70 grams, so it can be used over a long period of time.

Place 4: The MagicGrip

The manufacturer recommends the use of this breaker blade s for work in forests and wooded areas. It is supplied with a suitable bag for easy storage. The curved shape of its blade makes this knife a good choice for breaking.

The break open knife has a 15 cm long blade, which is much longer than most other break open knives. Because the blade has a hardness of 56 cm, it is strong but a little flexible. It is useful to have a belt clip in your knife bag so that you have your hands free when hunting.

Place 5: Morakniv Unisex – Sauscharf Open Knife

Morakniv Unisex – Erwachsene Sauscharf Aufbrechmesser, orange, 1 SZ*
Morakniv Unisex – Erwachsene Sauscharf Aufbrechmesser, orange, 1 SZ
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The knife has a modern and attractive appearance that appeals to many hunters. It has a red blade coating that says “Sauscharf” on it. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the knife fits comfortably in the hand.

This knife has a 9.1 cm long blade, which is medium in size. Thanks to the attached finger guard, working with this knife is very safe. The stainless steel blade is easy to clean and stable.

Is there a break open knife test from at Stiftung Warentest?

During our research on the consumer portals of Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation, we found no evidence of a sharp knife. We therefore collected the information we could find on the Internet about the various suppliers and their breaker knives and showed them in comparison. We also analysed other websites that publish the tests themselves and integrate the results into our texts.

Our guide section: Important questions and answers to consider before buying

For whom is a breaker blade intended?

In the history of mankind hunting has played an important role. Hunting has played an important role in food supply, group formation and employment.

In Germany, hunting has a long tradition. In addition to good hunting training, it is also important to have suitable hunting equipment.

Besides binoculars and a rifle, a paring knife is also a good purchase. It belongs to the basic equipment of butchers and hunters.

Such a knife is used to change the body of a dead animal. The body is opened without damaging the intestines.

A breaking-open knife is suitable for both beginners and professional hunters. This allows an independent treatment of the animal.

What are the characteristics of such a knife?

A break open blade is designed to open the body. In this way the inside of the carcass remains intact. A break-open knife therefore has a special shape.

The blade of the knife is forged to fall and has a slight curvature at the back. The tip of the knife is also slightly curved.

Due to the characteristics of the knife, it is less likely that the casing will be damaged. Some knives break with a hook on the back of the blade. This hook is very sharp. However, the hook is rounded at the tip of the knife, which makes it easier to cut.

There are other knives for evisceration and slaughter of animals on the market. However, they carry the risk of damaging the carcass. For this reason we recommend a good broken knife for hunting.

How much does a good knife cost?

Normally the price for such a knife is quite low. If you are looking for a quality knife, you should invest between 10 and 200 Euros.

So there are three price ranges. Besides the lower class there is the middle class and the upper class. In the lower class knives cost between 10 and 30 euros. The advantage of such a knife is that it has all the features of a quality knife. Due to their low price, these knives are made of plastic of inferior quality. However, most blades of cheap knives have a good finish. If you choose a knife from a medium-sized animal, you can be satisfied with a solid knife.

break open knife

In most cases the handles of this knife are also made of plastic. This is not a cost saving, but a hygiene measure. A more expensive knife often has good ergonomics. In the category of medium-sized animals the knife costs vary between 30 and 80 Euros.

The top class knife is available between 80 and 200 Euro. The knife has a better quality. Normally good sharpening knives are equipped with jigs, which is an advantage.

In knife shops and kitchens you will rarely find a good knife to break. So it makes sense to go hunting or to the butcher. In these shops you have many more possibilities and you will be advised personally.

There are also many online shops where you can buy a knife. We have a list of the best shops on the Internet so that you can find out about the options available to you. The best thing to do is to search for a knife here:

  • eBay
  • Amazon

Are there any alternatives to the knife?

The butcher and the hunter use a bone crushing knife to open the carcass. You can do this with many knives.

However, pocket knives and travel knives are problematic as they can cause serious damage to the body. If you are looking for a good alternative to a broken knife, choose hunting scissors. These scissors look like normal garden shears. However, these scissors have much thicker blades. So you can even cut bones without any problems.

In addition to hunting scissors, you will find an alternative in the shops. Please note that these are relatively thick containers.

You will find the alternative under the name bone saw. It is suitable for opening the carcasses, but must be used with care.

Since the bone saw is a tool with thick teeth, there is a risk of damaging the intestines. You can also use a traditional hunting knife to open the carcasses.

A normal hunting knife has a blade that is sharp. This means that there is a risk of damaging the intestines.

We therefore recommend using hunting scissors as an alternative to a broken knife. In this way undesirable damage can be easily avoided.

Make a purchase decision: Which of the breaker blades shown is best for you?

Here are the criteria for buying a breaker blade s. You will learn how to evaluate and assess them. This will make it easier for you to choose a product.

It is advisable to look at these things with a carving knife:

    • Shape
    • blade of steel
    • Handling

The shape

In some of the previous paragraphs we have talked more about the shape of the leaf. Normally the blade of a switchblade is curved and has a small button at the end. This knob protects the inside of the animal during cutting.

But you will also find other types of tools with which you can break it.

You will find this knife under the name Skinnermesser. The Skinnermesser has an open blade and no protective button. Furthermore the blade is much wider and has a hook on the backside for breaking. This hook is also meant to break the blade and make the work easier.

blade of steel

A breaker knife is used by butchers and hunters. Since the blood of the animal can damage the blade, stainless steel is often used as blade material.

Stainless steel is rust-resistant and therefore allows clean work without problems. Many hunters use older, traditional knives for cutting. Usually these knives have a wooden wedge or handle. However, these knives usually do not have a stainless steel blade. As a result, the blade can quickly be damaged. We recommend choosing a knife with a stainless steel blade.

handle of the knife

The knife handle is also an important factor in the choice. Thanks to the good ergonomics you can work longer. When the handle is in your hand, you work more fatigue-free. Besides the ergonomics, the material of the handle is also important. Although the wooden and horn handles are very beautiful, they cannot be broken. This is because these materials are less resistant to dirt and water.

Most people think that plastic is just a cheap material. But it has been shown that plastic is much more resistant to dirt and water. Plastic is also very hygienic.

When the body is opened, the knife comes into contact with blood. This can damage the wooden handles. A plastic handle does not present this danger.

How to buy the best breaker blade ?

Who are the best known knife manufacturers?

There are two particularly well-known knife manufacturers on the market. They are Dick and Eka. Both manufacturers have been on the market for more than 100 years. They produce high quality knives that have a long lifetime.

  • Eka exists since 1882 and comes from Sweden. Since 2004 the brand has gained a particularly good reputation and awareness. The company has also developed the Swingblade Eka, which is considered one of the best hunting knives.
  • F.Dick exists since 1778 and is a German company which has made a name for itself with its hunting and slaughtering knives. The brand is often mentioned as the market leader.professional companies choose F.Dick knives. In addition to a broken knife you will receive a F.Dick kitchen knife. Dick kitchen knife.

How do I prepare my knife for use and sharpening?

This depends entirely on the design of the blade. There are often two basic models.

Here you will find both breaker knives with a classic blade and those with a serrated blade. If you have a knife with a bowl-shaped cutting edge, this requires a special grinding.

You can use a classic splitting knife with a normal sharpening stone. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a biting knife.

If you use a whetstone on a serrated knife, the blade will become blunt. The serrated edge has filigree notches on the underside of the blade. The teeth allow scavengers and hunters to open the ink even faster.

Use a diamond file to sharpen the serrated blade. You will have it in the kit. Depending on the serrated blade, a different file is more suitable. To sharpen the different teeth, use a special file.