Agility Set Test & Comparison – these are our recommendations

For dogs there is a variety of Agility Sets on the market. Some of them are of very good quality, others are badly processed and do not serve their purpose. In order to be able to recommend you the best Agility Set, I did a long research.

I also checked if there was a test for agility sets at Stiftung Warentest or other portals. Read more and find the 6 best agility set recommendations.

These are the best Agility Sets

Agility Set guide – What you should consider when buying

What is an Agility Set?

Basically an agility set is suitable for dogs that need a lot of activity. So you as the master can not only power out your dog, but you can spend time with him and have fun with your four-legged friend.

Some dogs are so full of energy that you can do dog sports with them. Agility sets are suitable for this


However, you should make sure that your dog has no physical impairments. Such a set involves a lot of exercise, which can be problematic for animals with a handicap. But you can also practice and improve obedience with an agility set.
If your dog has no physical disabilities, you can use such a set for any dog breed. That means you can use it for a large dog to get enough movement. But also small dogs have a lot of fun with such a set. To buy the right Agility St for the size of your dog, you should get professional advice. Of course you are free to decide where you want to buy your Agility St. However, the prices can vary greatly. Not only the model plays a role, but also the brand.

On average, you can expect the following prices for an agility set:

    • One tunnel set: about 70,00 Euro
    • One pole slalom set: about 30,00 Euro


  • One rocker set: about 80,00 Euro
  • One obstacle hat set: about 20,00 Euro
    A jump hurdle set: about 13,00 Euro


However, you should take a closer look at some points before buying. Not all dogs are suitable for such a set. Not only the dog breed plays a role, but also the character of your quadruped. Since an agility set is about movement, your dog should be active. A dog that doesn’t like to move or for whom a walk is enough will find it difficult to be convinced by an agility set.

Besides the different models there are also different performance classes. So the obstacles can be easy to overcome or difficult to overcome. You should therefore also pay attention to the specified performance class when buying. This is indicated on the packaging and can be found in Large, Medium or Small.

How do I use an Agility Set?

In this set, the individual courses are numbered. You have to lead your dog in the right order through this course. This means that your dog not only listens to the commands you give, but also learns to interpret your body language correctly.
To be able to lead your dog through such a course, you should consider where you want to place your dog. This way you can choose a model that is suitable for the garden, for your home or for a larger open space. For this reason you should think about where you want to use the Agility Set before you buy it.

Note that every dog must be kept busy. Which breeds are especially sporty, you can find out in our dog overview

If you have enough space in your garden, you can set up an outdoor agility set and leave it there. This way you can use this set every day without having to worry about assembly and disassembly. You can also use other obstacles because you have more space outside, especially in terms of height.
However, since not everyone can enjoy the benefits of having their own garden, there are indoor agility kits that are useful in bad weather.
In the beginning, however, it may well be that your four-legged friend is overwhelmed with the situation and has to learn first.

You can also find out from the packaging which model is ideal for which breed of dog. So you can already make a preselection. But besides the dog breed you should also consider the size of your dog. Depending on the model, there are agility sets where you want your dog to run through tunnels. If the tunnel is too small, your dog will not run this course and will certainly not enjoy this set.

Even if the prerequisite for an agility set is that your dog has good agility and is in the best of physical health, you can also use it in other ways. Especially if your dog needs to get fit again, you can use these sets as well. However, you should not start too fast or too difficult.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Agility Set?

Before you decide on an agility set, it is important that you look at the advantages and also the disadvantages. This will help you to decide whether such a set is suitable for you and especially for your dog.


  • Stable/li>
  • Useable everywhere
  • Practical for the utilization of the dog


    • High acquisition costs for many hurdles


  • Not all models are suitable for outdoor use
  • Dismantling necessary depending on the place of use


Are there any alternatives to an Agility Set?

If you don’t want to buy a finished agility set, you can build one yourself. Thanks to the internet you will find many instructions that you can use to build an exciting game for your quadruped.
The advantage of such a self-made course is that you can build it individually and suitably to your dog.

Questions and answers to the Agility Set

When can you use an Agility Set?

The use of this set is suitable for adult dogs. That means your four-legged friend should already be 12 months or older.

Where is the best place for an agility set?

Since you can find such a set for inside and outside, you do not need an ideal place. You can use it anywhere.

Why does your dog need you for training?

You lead your dog through the course with an agility set. Therefore you should teach your dog the right commands.

What obstacles are there?

You can find the following obstacles:

    • tunnel


  • ramps>/li>
    <Rocker/li> seesaw


Which species are there?

You can choose between three types of agility sets:

    • /li>


    • /li> Jumps >/li>


What is an Agility Set good for?

Such a set is ideal to keep your dog busy, spend time with him and strengthen the cooperation.

Here once again my Top 6 recommendations at a glance:


With the right agility set you can keep your dog busy in a meaningful way. I show you the best Agility Sets for indoors and outdoors!